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Driveway Christchurch

Fashioning driveways and entrances across Christchurch for over three decades, mcl completes residential driveways to more complex work like hillside excavations. We can even construct horse arenas. From kerbing, shingle, concrete, asphalt or chip to excavation and augering, we have 13 diggers available (1.7-20 ton) to get the job done. Site scraping preparation for residential and barns? No problem. Stormwater management and drainage? We can take care of this as well, surgically grading, excavating, base preparing, and laying your driveway. As the leading driveway contractors Christchurch and beyond, we’re paving the way for driveway construction, so give Simon a call today.

Our services include

  • Kerbing, shingle, concrete, asphalt or chip
  • Excavation & augering
  • Site scraping preparation for residential and barns
  • Storm water management
  • Drainage
  • 13 diggers available (1.7-20 ton)
  • Horse Arenas
Simon McLenaghan

Simon McLenaghan



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Hillside Excavations

From the tricky to the downright complicated, mcl specialists never shy away from a challenge but meet it head-on and deliver results every time. Our driveways team get to work on planning and executing jobs big or small for clients in need of change. Whether it is a smoother surface, a more prolonged or manageable driveway, or even for aesthetic advancement.

Driveway Contractors Christchurch

Kerbing, shingle, concrete, asphalt or chip? Excavation and augering? Our driveway contractors Christchurch will talk you through any job. Being a registered member of the Rural Contractors New Zealand and an approved Contractor for Selwyn District Council, you know that you’re in the best hands. Our fully-customised service is based on your specific needs. Speak with the concrete driveway Christchurch experts today.

Larger-Scale Siteworks

When it comes to mcl’s involvement with larger-scale projects, like new builds, we have the expertise and knowledge in a range of landscaping and irrigation services. Our specialist crew will undertake a range of key tasks on any project – from lawns, driveways, irrigation, fencing, cultivating, bailing, subdivision, and so much more. It’s a complete service. Our ultimate aim is to work closely with builders and developers to ensure that a project is in the right shape and follows all the health and safety protocols.