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Project Description

The completion of the Christchurch Northern Corridor (CNC) is a remarkable achievement, transforming the transportation landscape and offering new
opportunities for the community. The CNC project was a road of national significance which evolved into a multifaceted endeavour, including various types of fencing that presented unique challenges for our team. Despite the hurdles, our team’s dedication and effort prevailed, resulting in a successful and ahead-of-schedule completion. The installation of 8000m of stock fencing, 16000m of Cycleway fencing, and 2000m of noise fencing showcase our team's versatility and adaptability in tackling diverse tasks. Additionally, adding balustrade fencing to bridges, culverts, and drains reflects our commitment to ensuring safety and quality in every aspect of the project. Undoubtedly, the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 lockdowns could have been daunting, but our team's resilience and determination overcame the obstacles, demonstrating the strength of the collaboration.
The Christchurch Northern Corridor now offers a safe and accessible space for people of all ages to cycle along. Commuters can now travel easily, and cyclists can enjoy recreational rides, enhancing the overall quality of life for the community.